Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Google Analytics

Title: Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Google Analytics
Amended TitleTen Some Things You Didn’t Ought to Know About Google Analytic
By: David Burke, VisualFuture
About the Speaker: David Burke is owner of VisualFuture, a Kansas City based Internet Marketing firm which will celebrate its 16th year in business this September. In that time David has worked with log based analytics applications, WebTrends, Clicktracks, and finally Google Analytics. David’s current focus is providing consulting on technical SEO issues and proper implementation of Google Analytics to clients, agencies, and occasionally Vizion Interactive.

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PRESENTATION DOWNLOADS: WordPress Search Marketing, WordPress Content Marketing and WordPress SEO Plugins Presentations from the July 2012 meeting of the Kansas City Search Marketing Association.

The Speakers were Josepha Haden of Haden Interactive, Josh McCoy of Vizion Interactive and Breht Burri of TooBaRoo Internet Marketing,

The Meeting topic was ”WordPress SEO & Search Marketing.”

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